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16th January 2010

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Haiti and Relief

As we all know the disaster of the earthquake in Haiti continues to worsen. Our missionary experiences began in Haiti and the impact of the poverty of that country has never left us. Please pray continally for these wonderful people. We must pray for the spiritual renewal of the individual and the country.

Also, pray that the roadblocks, thatĀ are making the release and distribution of critically needed supplies almost impossible, will be dismantled. As always, the problem is the government of Haiti. Normally it is due to corruption and graft but now it appears that the problem is due to the fact that there is little or no government left. This creates a very difficult situation but there is an opportunity to put into place a new government groupĀ that will move beyond corruption, greed, selfishness and embrace open service to the people.

Island Light Ministries is working with Helping Hands International, to put together teams and supplies that are ready to travel to Haiti. We are working now so that as soon as the country is open we are prepared to leave. We ask for prayer and help.

As opportunities open and specific needs are made known we will pass them on to you. For sure there will be needs for medicine, food and clothing.

God bless you.

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